Misc Useful Linux/UNIX Commands

lsusb, lsscsi, lsdev, scsiinfo -l, scanpci, lspci -v, w, udevinfo, rescan-scsi-bus, sshfs, wget

Misc Useful Linux/UNIX CLI Apps

cmus, vifm, htop, nethack, gtypist, rolo, abook, wipe, rsync, tcpdump, rpl, rhapsody, finch, ispell, wn (WordNet)

Mplayer Tips

OSX Tips

OSX Keyboard Shortcuts

Empty the trash			Command + Shift + Delete
Place a file in trash		Command + Delete (first select the file)
Go to Home dir			Command + Option + h
Go to Applications dir		Command + Option + a
Go to Comp dir			Command + Option + c
Go to Favorites			Command + Option + f
Minimize window			Command + m
Create a new folder		Command + Shift + n
Zoom into an app			Command +
Zoom out of an app		Command -

Shell Ctrl Commands

Ctrl-s and Ctrl-q are used to manage flow control in the UNIX terminal. If you press Ctrl-s the terminal will suspend and not show any more 
data on the screen. I do not believe that this has anything to do with stopping or freezing any processes running from that shell.
pressing Ctrl-q will resume the shell
Ctrl-\ can be used if Ctrl-c doesn't kill an app
Ctrl-h can be used as a backspace to delete characters from the command line
Ctrl-u can be used to erase the entire line

GNU Screen Commands

screen -r will open screen and resume your previous session 
screen -dr detaches your current session and reattaches you from where you are (good encase you left screen running at work and need to attach to it from home).	
Ctrl-a d will detach you from screen and drop you down to a "normal" command prompt 
Ctrl-a n will switch to the next window
Ctrl-a c will create a new window
Ctrl-a " shows you a list of the current available windows
Ctrl-a A will allow you to name a window
Ctrl-a ? will list all available commands

Firefox Shorcuts

Stop Loading				esc
Force Reload (overide cache)   		Ctrl + F5
Next Tab                        	Ctrl + TAB
Next Tab                        	Ctrl + PgDwn
Previous Tab                    	Ctrl + Shift + TAB
Previous Tab                    	Ctrl + PgUp
Search Bar                      	Ctrl + J (or K)
Bookmarks in sidebar            	Ctrl + B
Fullscreen                      	F11 (WindowMaker cancels this)
Text Size                       	Ctrl +/- (Ctrl + mouse wheel will also work)
Restore Text Size               	Ctrl 0

Firefox "Save As" Via the Keyboard

Use TAB to navigate to the link you wish to save and type: Alt + Enter
You can also use Ctrl + Left Mouse Click but that will also open up an empty tab

Blender 3D

Numpad 5
Shift-Space maximizes the current viewport
a select All / None
b border select mode
Shift-c show everything in viewport
Shift-d duplicates current selection
n numeric transform input
x deletes currently selected vertices or faces
e extrude
Space brings up tool bar to add stuff
Shift-middle mouse button pan viewport mode
g grab mode (space drops)
s scale mode (space drops)
r rotate mode (space drops)
i insert keyframe
z toggle wireframe / solid view
f make a face with selected vertices (must previously select 3 or 4 vertices)

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